Wellbeing for Small Businesses

This is an affordable wellbeing option for small businesses

Wellbeing is something business owners feel they should be offering their employees, especially mental health. 

Employers understand they have a duty of care to look after the mental and physical wellbeing of their staff and want it to become a part of their company culture, but they don’t want it to come across as a tick box exercise.

For a lot of business owners, they don’t know where to start as it is not their area of expertise. They may start something but what they offer can be sporadic and not sustainable. Sometimes it’s been given to a member of staff to get the ball rolling, but when resources are tight it more often than not falls by the wayside.

We give you access to our online platform 24/7, you can log in on your laptop or phone in the office, at home or from anywhere in the world whether you’re on business or on holiday. This means that your employees’ families benefit from the programme too.

The idea of a wellbeing programme may not be for everyone, for some it is there just as a resource when they need it, for others, it’s there to inspire or nudge them into living a healthier lifestyle.

Your people have access to:

  1. Short videos (less than 10 minutes – we understand everyone nowadays is short of time!) on different aspects of health:
    sleeping better
    - keeping mentally well
    - eating healthier
    - getting fitter
    - work-life balance
    - energy
    - productivity
    - business travel
    - jet lag
    - the winter blues
    - menopause
    - healthy gut
    - burnout
    - surviving Christmas and lots more.
  2. The latest news on health -plus tips, tricks and hacks.
  3. Quick simple healthy seasonal recipes together with monthly food updates.
  4. Podcasts.
  5. A monthly workout.
  6. Mindfulness recordings to help you sleep or reduce stress.
  7. Motivational health challenges.
  8. Q&A sessions.
  9. Confidential employee wellbeing advice line.

About your host

Chief Vitality Officer

Rachel McGuinness

Hi I'm RachelUp until 2004 I worked in marketing and events in the telecoms industry. Since then I’ve been helping busy people like you to get healthy and reclaim their energy, so they can get back on their game in a more sustainable way.My recommendations are based on what I have experienced myself. In the year 2000 I realised that my busy corporate lifestyle had caused me to become so unhealthy that I was heading for burnout and some serious health issues if I didn’t stop my self-destructive lifestyle.I decided to completely change how I lived my life.  I got into a proper sleep routine, adopted a cleaner approach to eating, and added regular exercise to my daily habits.  Now I am 42lbs lighter and four dress sizes smaller. But, even more importantly than that, I’m fit and I have more energy than I had as a teenager! I like to think that I’m unrecognisable compared to my former self.I am trained in cognitive behaviour therapy for insomnia, stress management, neuro linguistic programming, hypnotherapy, nutrition and personal fitness training.The type of clients I typically work with are executives, professionals and entrepreneurs - people who have busy lives and need more sleep!I give them practical advice on how to get their sleep and health back on track so that they can fire on all cylinders.

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