From Stressed to Calm in 21 Days

This course looks at what stress is, how it works in your body and offers a 21 day programme to help move you away from stress and into calmness. All techniques are quick and easy to follow and to learn.


21 Day Breathing Challenge

Breathe your way from stress. Breathe your way into emotional well being. 21 different ways to breath - all quick, easy and totally portable. All work.


40 Days of Mindfulness

The benefits to being mindful with 40 quick and easy techniques to help you live life more in the moment.


Help Your Children Sleep Better

Living with a child who is finding sleep difficult is not easy for anyone. This course gives you great, practical advice and takes a holistic view on how to sleep well.


Reflexology for Babies

Using reflexology on your baby's feet to help with 8 common difficulties


Hand Reflexology For Pain Relief

This programme covers hand reflexology for health issues that involve not just physical pain, but also mental and emotional.